28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

You have all been working hard this week so today I have a real treat for you.


We are going to Learn Relaxation Techniques & Visualisation.


You may think relaxation & Visualisation techniques are some kind of weird idea. Well I’m going to surprise you and tell you that in my opinion everyone needs to learn how to relax and visualise being somewhere that makes them feel happy. 


At the end of the day this isn’t going to hurt so you might as well give it a try for a few weeks. 


There are so many relaxation techniques but I’m just going to run though some basic ones first. They have all helped me in some way. 


So task 1 is...

Take just 1 min at least once a day to focus on your breathing. Set a reminder on your phone right now, go on get your phone. Ok set a repeated alert in your calendar some time in the morning then again some time in the evening or you could even do it at lunch time if you have a really stressful job, maybe you can pop out to your car at lunch and sit for 1 min it can really help you to refocus your mind and relax your body. Taking in a slow deep breath for around 4 counts and breathing out slowly as you can around 6 counts. As your doing this I want you to scan your body with your mind from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes noticing any tension and releasing the tension as you go it will help to keep scanning your body while your breathing slowly for the whole minute.



so let’s try it now 60 seconds starting now. Breath in slowly 1.......2........3.....4 and out for 1....2.....3......4......5......6. And in etc.


Task 2

 If you are somewhere you can sit comfortably and close your eyes as you breath and count I want you to imagine you are some where you love. 


It might be somewhere warm and relaxing like using the memories of your last holiday. Try to use all of your senses for example hear the sound of the sea gulls and the waves of the sea. 


Feel the warmth of the sun and the sand between your toes, see the beautiful views and imagine your walking down the coast. 

You might find this difficult at first but the more you practice the more you will find that you can be anywhere you want to be in a few seconds. 


It’s an amazing skill that can really help you feel relaxed and in control It can also make you feel you have had a nap and give you energy. 


I have also used this before at the dentist while I had a root canal I felt so relaxed and calm I really suprised the dentist. 


If you find you get stressed easily, suffer from anxiety or just need some time to yourself this is a great technique to practice regularly. You will find it easier with practice.


Let me know how your getting on I can’t wait to find out where you’ve all been. 

Make sure you get some nice relaxing time to yourself every day. look forward to hearing from you all.


Helen x


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