DAY 14

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Today I want to talk to you about belief systems , negative thoughts and the subconscious mind.


So I know this is really hard for some people and I did talk a little about this in some of the first videos in the challenge but I think its really important to explain this a bit more.


Some people in life feel they try so hard and still can’t stop the negative thoughts its like their own mind is against them.


Bob Proctor calls it a paradigm. A paradigm is simply a belief system that guides the way we do things. This influences your thinking and you have to override these belief if you want a different result from what you already have. 


the word feeling describes the couscous vibration of the body, we are made up of molecules with high speed vibrations. 


when our body is in a positive vibration we feel good and when its is a negative vibration we feel bad. We can take control of the things in our life but we need to understand a few things first. 


When we want to change our belief system we will feel discomfort its a different vibration and that’s ok we only have to feel discomfort until we get used to the new feelings through repetition.


We need to understand that our mind controls our body so what we think has a huge effect on our physical self. You also need to understand that the mind is made up of a concise mind and a subconscious mind. 


our subconscious mind runs 95% of what we do all the automatic responses, like our behaviour, our fight and flight response and our learnt behaviours and habits. We don’t have to think about these things they just happen on a auto pilot. It also records and stores all our our memories from experiences and knowledge like photos in an album. 


We then give these experiences meaning by how we feel about them over time this is how are attitudes develop. 


we are programmed by the people around us and the information we feed it like listening to the news, watching tv and reading.


Our mind is like software and you have to program it the way you want it to run. 


Some times we have created unhelpful habits that prevent us from achieving our goals. 


Reprograming the subconscious mind is much easier when we are in a relaxed state. 


Our conscious mind helps us to consider more about what is going on around us and helps us to think about what we feel and do. 


Thats why I thought it was important that you first have a good idea of how you want to be as the best version of yourself and then its also important to start to learn how to relax.


some people meditate every day they train their mind to relax and focus on something like the breathing exercise we did. 


The more relaxed you are the more effective the affirmations you say or listen to are as making changes to the way you feel by changing your vibrations. 


The best time to listen to meditation I find is first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


* Learning how to use self hypnosis can teach you how to relax even more deeply than you ever have before. This really helped me to get rid of anxiety but you can use it for anything that you want to change. When you practice this Make sure you set a timer just a gentle sound that will let you know its time to stop as you can forget all sense of time when you have been practicing for a while. 


Sit quietly On a chair with a supportive back, rest your hands on your lap facing upwards. Looking upwards with your eyes and your head facing forwards take a slow deep breath and gently and slowly breath out, and again take a really long deep breath and keep trying to look up in to your head. 


As you slowly breath out feel all your body starting to relax and sink deeper into relaxation. Breathing in feeling calm and relaxed, your eyes start to feel tired and they want to close but your going to trying and keep them looking up just a little bit longer. 


As you breath out your shoulders are sinking down your arms and legs are feeling heavy and your feeling deeply deeply relaxed. Your eyes are closing and your head just wants to rest downwards as you breath out slowly your getting so relaxed and all the muscles in your face are letting go and feeling deeply relaxed, your jaw and your tongue are feeling deeply relaxed. Your stomach and the tops of your legs are letting go of any tension and feeling very relaxed. Your lower legs and your feet are now feeling really really relaxed. Keep breathing nice and slowly you are sinking deeper and deeper into the chair. Now imagine your getting into an elevator and pushing the button for the ground floor slowly your going down and down deeper and deeper. 


Your watching the lights on the buttons as you go down feeling relaxed and happy , 10, 9, feeling more and more relaxed, 8, 7, your whole body is letting go of any tension from your day, 6, 5, your going down deeper, 4, 3, your safe and happy, feeling so relaxed 2 , 1 the doors open and your walking into a beautiful garden filled with everything that makes you feel good. All your favourite things wonderful colours , you can stay here as long as you like. Feeling relaxed and happy. 


Spend some time here having a look around, what can you see? Are there beautiful flowers? Any small friendly animals running about? Is there a running stream ? What else can you see?


When your ready you can go back to the lift and it will slowly take you back up your watching the lights on the buttons back up to the last few floors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and your coming back up feeling full of energy 9 and 10 happy and feeling great the doors open and you can open your eyes.


Now you will need to practice this basic induction frequently if you have had hypnotherapy before you will find it really easy to go down deeply a lot faster. Now just this simple script can really make a huge difference if you find it hard to relax or your anxious and need time out. Keep practicing and it will become so easy for you that you can then start to experiment with other suggestions when your are in the relaxed state. 


This is when your subconscious is very suggestive and it can help you change the way you feel and behave about certain subjects. This is why it is so helpful if you need help doing something you feel you dont have control over. My advice would be to get really good at this first and then we can help you with the next steps if you want to do more. 


So task today just practice this induction so you can relax even more deeply than before and let me know if you have any negative beliefs you want to change. 


Have fun and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


Helen x


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