DAY 15

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Hi Everyone, It’s day 15 of the inner Ninja challenge 


and hopefully you should be having a nice relaxing weekend. So ill try not to make this too long today. 


I Just want to give you a few tips if your one of the people that I talk to that says to me that their life is so hectic they just struggle to fit everything in. 


We have already talked about thinking about why you need to fit good habits in and why you need to change priorities but here are a few more ideas to help you if really don’t know how.


Planning short sections of time can be more effective than let’s say planning the whole year as you may feel you have a long time to achieve your goals and leave it all to the last minute which is the opposite of doing small consistent steps every day and this is much more effective. 


Ok get your diary or calendar now and a high lighter . Mark your 14 days we have left on the challenge, have all the words we put up on the wall next to it like Confident, strong, happy, feeling great, the person you are becoming or write them on the edges of the page.


 Don’t focus on the end result as you will keep comparing yourself to this and getting fed up if your not achieving it yet. I would focus on sticking to the new habits and enjoying a new way of life rather than the weight loss or weight gain for some people or the more happy positive relaxed you will evolve automatically over time.


Start filling in when your doing all your new habits first, training workouts, relaxing meditation time, exercise while your brushing your teeth or what ever you decided. I do all of this on my phone as it alerts me, but it is good to have it up on the wall as another visual reminder.


Remember that every single day counts there is nothing wrong with skipping the odd habit but only as long as you are straight back to your plan straight away. Don’t start giving yourself excuses and giving in too easily. 


If you want to be your ideal you that we talked about at the beginning you need to start doing new things that slowly start to help you change, you owe it to yourself. Getting back into things quickly after missing something off your week is the key. And never miss 2 things in a row.


If you have been making excuses be honest with yourself ...make a list of your core values, the top few things that are most important to you. Often people say family, health, and things like that.) Then look at all the activities that fill your schedule. Consider removing any activity thats not in line with a core value.


Then add all the main daily activities you have to do like when your at work, cooking and washing, cleaning etc if you have kids what clubs do you need to take them to


write notes on your calendar to remind you can make short cuts preparing a large meal and divide it up in to meals you have have in the freezer when your busy. 


Can you pay someone to come and do some cleaning once a week if you need to free up some time?


Can you listen to positive audio books in the car while your driving to work, its amazing how much you can learn and make good use of your time.


If you have kids how can they help you this week? I know its important to let kids have some time to be kids but they also need to learn to help out around the house your not their slave your their parent and you are the only one that is going to guide them get them in to good habits too! Give them a couple of tasks to do that will free up a bit of time for you this week.


Are you the type of person that says yes to everything, I defiantly used to have this problem I want to please everyone and it is impossible no matter how much you do you will never be able to make everyone happy. 


Just remember it’s everyone’s own responsibility to make themselves happy, its not your job even though it is nice to help people out and do nice things when you can. The next time you say yes to something extra just think about whether you are trading off something else that is more important i know this is hard but you have to be focused on what you really want and what is most important to you. Look after yourself first then you will be in the best health to help others. 


If you have a list of extra things you need to do that is really long list put them in priority order then in order of importance and just focus on 2 or 3 things each day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself remember feel relaxed and calm and looking after yourself needs to come first.


If you always think of your week in advance write out what your doing all week any events that are coming up and things you need to get done and give yourself an allocated amount of time to do them you will become really efficient and achieve so much more. We can all say we are busy and make things take up all of our time be strict on yourself, your time is precious, get organised every Sunday. I hope this helps send me a photo of your calendar. Talk to you tomorrow.


Helen x


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