DAY 21

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Hi Everyone it’s day 21 of the inner Ninja challenge!

So today I wanted to talk about how you should not only be feeling the difference as we talked about after 10 days with more energy from regular exercise and eating more healthy food and more relaxed from the breathing techniques.


but after 20 days, you should now actually start to see a difference ! 

changes beginning to happen people will react differently to you as you are calmer and more in control. Happier knowing they are on a better path see difference in Your muscle tone from all of the body weight exercises, your clothes should start to feel more comfortable as your doing short bursts of high intensity training burning lots of calories this should also show on the scales. 


You should also see how it is effecting your family. Have you been more keen to do more activities with them, have more fun with friends being more active? Wanting to Cooking nice healthy meals for them. 


I want to remind you that we have 8 days left and you can really get a lot done in 8 days. If you havn’t been on track don’t worry there’s still time to finish the program on a high, it’s time to put your foot down, it’s not time to slow down it’s time to speed up and see what you can achieve in the last 8 days of the challenge. 


I would really encourage you all to be even more active in the group this week, your task is to post your wins, post what your doing inspire each other in our little community 

it’s so valuable to support and help each other on your journey it’s just for you and I want you to be doing the very best you possibly can. 


You will then be about to come out of these last 8 days with new habits , and have lots of tools to help you move forward in the future. You will have a New mentality, new body, new energy, new focused mind, I’m really proud of you all I know it’s not been easy for you but I can see how so many of you are starting to see the results and it’s so exciting 


I just want you all to be determined and go for it this week. You can all do it if you need any help reach out to me, I’m here for you let’s do this ! You are all amazing ! Believe in yourself and you will do so well. 


Remember your task is to keep posting how your getting on In The group all the positive things you are doing and share any exciting news. We want to hear all the great things you have done and results you are seeing. Any light bulb moments your having, 

Talk to you tomorrow .


Helen x


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