Healthy Happy Ninja

DAY 22

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Craving Unhealthy food?


I’m sure everyone has experienced that feeling of really wanting food that you know isn’t good for you, it can be so hard to start new healthy eating habits when your body is used to very different food. 


This happens to everyone so dont feel weak you just have to understand your cravings a bit more to learn how to manage them in a sensible way.


Can you tell the difference between hunger and appetite? Are you truly hungry? Where is your urge to eat coming from - your stomach or your mind? 


Many people can’t tell the difference? 

If you think carefully before you eat, you'll begin to be able to tell the difference. 


Will a healthy snack satisfy your need for food? If not, you're probably not hungry you just want an unhealthy snack to satisfy a craving.


Cravings are not just urges, they are your body’s way of telling you that it needs something you’re not giving it. 


Often we might get confused about what our body is trying to tell us. For example Chocolate cravings could mean your body needs magnesium or you could just be craving sugar.


So the best place to start is to make sure your giving your body all the nutrients it needs with a balance diet. 


Understanding more about carbohydrates, Proteins and fats will helps a lot.


Here are some of the most common imbalances that can cause cravings:


Low blood sugar

it’s all about carbs and sugar especially high-glycemic carbohydrates like bread, chips, pasta, white rice, sweets, and drinks. The Glycemic index scale ranks carbohydrate-containing foods based on their effect on blood sugar levels over a period of time – usually two hours. 


We crave these things when our blood sugar begins to fall. Carbohydrates are the quickest and easiest way for the body to correct that drop because they hit the bloodstream almost instantly and you feel better right away.  


Your glucose will spike really high, but then fall really low causing you to go though ups and downs of feel great then really tired.


Keep your blood sugar at a steady even level by avoiding high-glycemic carbs and sugar swaping them for more healthy low GI carbs, fats, protein and food high in fibre.


You may also be craving vitamins and minerals. Many of us fail to consume diets rich in the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function properly. This can cause vitamin deficiency. 


To prevent this eat a well-balanced diet of clean natural foods. 


I also take a multivitamin supplement that contains all of the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis in case my body needs a little extra. 


Have you ever hear of Gut bacteria? I know it sounds horrid. You have billions of bacteria living inside your body? The “bad bacteria” normally crave carbohydrates, sugar and sweets that they can break down and absorb easily. 


This helps the bad bacteria continue to grow. try to minimize sugar in your diet and take a probiotic supplement on a regular basis to keep those “good bacteria” fighting back.


If your really tired all the time and dont get enough sleep to produce enough Leptin its a hormone which tells your body when it is full. 


You will also have less self-control, and your willpower will be at an all time low.


To avoid stress-based cravings, make a decision to practice meditation every day – which we talked about before, focus on nothing but your breath. 


So simple and so easy, meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety after even just a short amount of time each day.


When you feel that craving for a “comfort food” take a series of deep breaths, distract yourself or you could do a quick exercise. Go for a quick jog, you can even put music on these are other ways of getting a good feeling from dopamine. 


you will get a little rush of “happy feelings that may stop that craving.


Dehydration can be a big problem one of the most common mistake we make is to think we are hungry, when in fact, we’re just low on fluids. 


The craving for food is because many foods contain water, it makes us crave foods that may deliver at least some hydration to the body. Have a glass of water wait 20 minutes. You might be surprised how often that “hunger” goes away.


fatigue is another one that causes unhealthy food cravings. fatigue also has a negative impact on your self-control, and willpower. When we are tired we don’t have the same “hunger hormones,” you get hungry when you don’t actually need food, and you often don’t stop eating even when your body gets what it needs.


Don’t let your mood push you towards food, this can be an automatic reaction to feel better. I know this is so hard I have had trouble with this myself in the pasted but once you are more aware of this you can find other coping strategies to help.


First check in with how you're feeling. Are you sad, bored, or stressed? Take more time to stop and take control, Use your relaxation techniques they really do work.

learning to let go of the passed, any anger, resentment and guilty feelings you have, 



There is a lady called Louise hay that is amazing at talking through this you should look her up.


Being more controlled and using your will power starts at the supermarket, if you can keep your eyes on the things that are good for you and ignore the sweets and unhealthy snacks your on to a winner. Never go to the supermarket when your hungry big mistake lol.


It’s also ready hard to resist food your trying to stay away from if its in the cupboard at home or in view every time you go in the kitchen. So The Ninja secret rule about food and maintaining your ideal weight: "Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full.


When you start paying attention you will be more aware that you might have been pushing passed the full feeling, you don’t want to feel totally stuffed like your going to explode that’s not a comfortable feeling. I understand we all like the eating process and don't feel like stopping but once you get your cravings and emotional feeling fixed you wont need to feel like this anymore.


Eat slowly, and as the meal or snack progresses, check in with yourself regularly before the next bite or before you go back for more. Are you hitting full? If so, time to stop.

I hardly ever have a dessert these days because I've learned to notice when I'm full. And when I'm full, I stop. If we push past full we're not respecting ourselves, your forcing yourself to eat and that isn’t good for you or your waist.


I hope these tips helped you today task today is to send me a message and tell me if you can relate to any of these and what you might try next time.


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