DAY 28

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Day 28! EFT


Hi Everyone well its finally here its day 28 of the inner ninja challenge!

I am so grateful for you all taking part in the challenge its been an amazing experience for us all and I hope you have all enjoyed being part of it.


I want you to make sure you have your final call with me scheduled for today or tomorrow. I also have a special treat for you its one of my most amazing ninja secret tools and I use it all the time to help myself and others. 


I think I mentioned that I studied hypnotherapy about 15 years ago now but I also did a course on EFT. I wanted to tell you about it because I think it goes very well with the whole healthy happy Ninja theme of taking care of yourself and making time for yourself to get in to healthy habits.


So EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. It works by tapping on pressure points on your body and face while you are thinking about things that might be causing you to feel upset, anxious, angry, it can work really well on cravings too. It can also work on physical pain which i find truly amazing.


the tapping sends a calming signals to your emigdula in your brain and it helps to realign the meridians in your body (the energy we are made of.)


I once helped a boy with OCD his mum was a friend of a friend and she was so upset the day I met her because she was just at her wits end with this little boy he was waking her up about 5 times a night to wash his hands and he was getting very anxious. 


So I taught them how to do this technique and the lady called my friend the next day so excited and said to tell me that she can’t believe it but they had a full nights sleep. I was so amazed myself as I have never tried it on someone with OCD before but it seems to work with so many things I just love it.


So I will teach you the basic recipe today as you will feel much more relaxed and calm straight away, I will be doing more videos in the future on this.


So you have to decide what you want to work on this can be literally anything, confidence, weight loss, depression, stress.


So lets just pretend its stress I would start by thinking to myself from 1 to 10 and 10 being really high on the scale how stressed am I right now? so what ever it is write it down.


Then start tapping the karate chop point and say

“Even though I have this feeling of stress I deeply and completely accept and love myself”.


You need to say it a few times 

“Even though I have this feeling of stress I deeply and completely accept and love myself”.

“Even though I have this feeling of stress I deeply and completely accept and love myself”.


Then tap the top of your head and say this feeling of stress.


Tap the eye brow point, this feeling of stress. 


Out side of the eye socket, say to yourself some thing like I feel so stressed when I’m at work or when ever it is you feel stressed, tapping under the eye, then other things that come to mind 


like “stress makes me feel so tense and irritable.


Tapping under the nose I hate the feeling of stress.


Tap on the crease on the chin i don’t like myself when I’m stressed.


Tap on the collar bone point which is down from the u and across. 


Stress makes me feel so angry and tired


Tapping under the arm where your bra strap would be sorry boys but try to imagine where that is.


listening to your thoughts and saying to yourself what you are thinking about the stress. 


I am sick of feeling like this because of stress.


Theres a point here on your hand “My boss makes me feel so stressed or my dad or who ever it is.


OK. Now just check in with how your feeling 1 to 10 again so it should have gone down a bit.


Then do the round of tapping again this time your going to replace those thoughts with more positive one like Tapping on the head 


“ I know I am in control of how I feel, 


Tapping eyebrow I chose to feel calm and relaxed,


Tapping eye socket I now start to feel better even when I think about my job


Tapping under eye I know I can enjoy every day with out any bad feelings


Tapping on the collar bone I feel more relaxed and calm every day


under the arm I feel so peaceful and happy


karate chop point I deeply and completely accept and love myself


hand I feel better every day.


Ok now again ask yourself how do i feel from 1 to 10 its should have gone down even more and you can just keep going until your down to a 1. This is so effective you can use it for so many things Ive used it when was nervous before interviews, when I’ve had bad news and feel sad and upset, I used to use if for cravings but I don’t really get those any more. I hope you have fun with it let me know what you are working on.


Talk to you soon


Helen x


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