28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Today is a day to looking back on all the things you have done this week.

All the tasks you have completed and all the work outs and new habits you have formed. It’s time to feel really proud of yourself that you are clearly moving forwards and making positive changes that in the long term will have a huge effect on your health and happiness which I believe are the most important things in life.


Make sure you have a diary or a note book you can keep notes in about what your doing and the food your eating. This will really help you monitor your progress as the weeks go on. You can also add how your feeling if you wish as the activity we do and food we eat has a big effect on our mental health. 


If your having any trouble remembering to do the daily habits like gratitude practice, drinking enough water, exercise while doing a daily task or the 1 min relaxation & visualisation use your calendar on your phone and set reminders for everything with an alert Bell It really will help you stay on track. 


Please make sure your up to date with all the videos and complete all the tasks so far I need to have a response from you all after each video so I know you have completed them but don’t worry if your really busy you can do them the next day. thanks so much, your all doing so well I’m really proud of you all let’s have an amazing week.




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