DAY 10

28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Hi Everyone,

It’s Day 10 of the inner Ninja challenge and this is a time that you should be starting to feel a difference in yourself. 


You should be starting to feel like you have more energy, you are now exercising regularly and you will be receiving the happy feelings from the endorphins when you put lots of effort in to your training sessions you will feel much better about yourself.



You should be feeling more relaxed from taking at least 1 minute a day to refocus your mind with breathing techniques and visualisation. 


You should be more focused on the person you are becoming the words you stuck up on the fridge or cupboard door such as, happy, relaxed, confident, clam, fun, kind, positive, you should be getting the energy and nutrition your body needs from making better food choices.


But just remember you didn’t get to where you are in 1 day , and your not going to get to where you want to get in 1 day either it will take time but I know you can do it.


if you know you haven’t been spot on with the information I have shared with you so far and missed some tasks or exercises theres still time. Fitness and being healthy and happy is a journey and if you haven’t had a speed bump yet one will come everyone has days when they mess up but don’t let that stop you. 


You don’t have to make yourself feel bad.

Part of being successful is jumping back on and getting back into action quickly things don’t always go perfectly and thats ok, I’m here for you if you need help. 


If this is you, you need to get back in to your new habits again and i need to know if there are things your worried about or you are struggling with. 

I know some of you have done the poll in the group which is a great help so I will be sending you more information to help on those areas. 


Keep in touch and lets keep encouraging each other in the group its not a competition you all have your own goals don’t feel you have to compare yourself to anyone thats not what the group is for. 


Concentrate on improving yourself one step at a time and we are all here to support each other. 


Thanks everyone you are an amazing group and I am proud of you all.


Helen x


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