Monitoring, reviewing and tracking progression

Tracking progress 


So each week every Sunday I want you to make sure you check on your progress. 

So if your goal is to lose weight I don’t want you to weigh yourself every day but once a week is ok make sure you do it at the same time each week. If you don't want to weigh yourself its ok but make sure you have some way of knowing how much you have lost or gained if your goal is to add muscle. You might compare pictures instead.


On Sunday post in the group how you are getting on and let us know your results. 


Everyone is there to support you so don’t worry if you haven't had a great week it doesn’t matter I’m sure the next week will be better it’s not a competition is just so you are being held accountable to the group and we can be there to support each other. 


You can also use apps like my fitness pal to help count calories and if you have a fitness track on your wrist than can help a lot too.


An other idea you can do if you wish is to make yourself a progress board a big sheet of paper with the days of the week, track what your doing each day write it down and what your eating and your other healthy habits and then at the end of the week it I’ll be great to see a photo of your progress sheet in the group.


Each week your sheet should say at the end your results for that week.


Talk to you all on Sunday have a great week!


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