Your Daily Affirmations

If you have never heard of using affirmations to alter the way you feel you are about to discover something truly amazing. I’m not sure how I first came across this I know it was before I studied hypnotherapy but I first used it to make myself feel more confident when I knew I was going to do something that I was feeling anxious about. 


Now this is something that only works if you do it often, a bit like exercise you have to do a little bit consistently over time to feel and see results. 


I have talked about being aware of your thoughts and as with anything you repeat to yourself often enough will start to feel like it is true. This can be in a negative way or a positive way its up to you. 


You don’t have to say your affirmations out loud although i have heard about people that do. The more feeling and energy you put into the affirmation the more effective it is. For this reason instead of just repeating some thing like...


“I am more and more confident in every moment, every day in every way.” 


I would spend a few minutes thinking about how you will feel when you are the way you want to be. It helps to picture your ideal self which I talked about in the first video I did in the 28 day challenge. How are you standing? How are you walking? What are you wearing? Make a short film in your head where are you? 


Say the affirmation at the same time linked to this film as if you really believe that this is true, even if you don’t right now just keeping doing it and you soon will. 


You can write your own affirmations very easily just remember they must be positive and said as if you have already achieved what you are saying. 


Don’t say I will soon feel, you need to say I feel so healthy and alive full of energy every day. Or I am happy and relaxed every day. If it has a catchy rhythm it can help you remember them. 


 Athletes use this type of technique to convince themselves that they are going to win the race or the contest. They run through the film in their head with affirmations telling themselves I am strong I am the champion I am a gold medalist I am No 1. Imagining they are really there exactly how they want it to happen and tell themselves the things they need to hear to feel like they are going to win without any doubt. 


There have been studies into this method and proof that the brain can not tell the difference between something you are practicing in your mind and something you are physically rehearsing. Try this for something that is important to you and let me know how you get on. I would love to hear your stories, give yourself plenty of time on the run up to the event if it is an event or just set yourself a goal that in 1 months time you are going to feel more strong and confident. 


Write down some ideas for your affirmation and feel the way you want to feel. Practice consistently and you will be successful. If you just want to listen to my affirmations meditations MP3's I’ll continue to post some for you, just let me know.


Let everyone in the group know what your favourite Affirmations are!


Talk to you soon!


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