Your plan of action

S - Specific


M - Measurable


A - Attainable, achievable 


R - Realistic, relevant


T - Time-bound, trackable


So today I want to help you get started by setting a goal in the 28 day challenge our goal was just to stick to healthy habits and you all achieved that but we need to make sure you can see how far you have come when you look back. so I want you to have an idea of where your at now you can either take some photos of yourself front, side and back view. 


It’s just for you but you might so so proud of what you have done you might want to show people later on.

Or you can weigh yourself the scales that measure body fat are better than normal scales as you can then see how much of the weight is muscle. You can also measure around arms, legs and waist and hips. 


So now you can see where you are now you can decide what your next goal is for your body, you might have other goals as well for the other areas they are just as important. We have touched on looking at feeling calmer , happier or more confident so write those down as well if you have goals for your mindset, but make sure you have clear goals for your body too.


Make sure your goals are specific and not too general so if you do want to lose weight how much do you want to loose? Write it down now let us know in the group so we can support you and help you measure your progress. The same if you want to gain weight with muscle. 


You need to make sure that it is a goal you believe you can achieve if you don’t think it’s realistic don’t write it down. If you want to stick to healthy eating how are you going to measure that? Are you going to say you have to stick to the healthy eating meal plan and give yourself 1 treat each week? Let us know.


If you want to feel fitter again how will you measure that maybe timing yourself strictly through work outs increase your intensity and give yourself less rest but a specific amount of time and measure how you feel over a couple of weeks.


Also make sure your goals and the activities you are doing are relative to your goals if you not sure share in the group and we can discuss this. A steady run for example isn’t going to get you lean but short fast sprints will really help.


And lastly make sure you give yourself a deadline to when you will achieve it as if your too laid back and general you will not push yourself to achieving what you really want. 

I looking forward to seeing you all post your goals in the private group be determined, consistent and have fun with it. See you soon and let me know if you need help, send me a message.


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