A type of physical exercise specialising in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction

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Do you want to look more toned?


If your goal is to get a more toned body maybe your going away and want to feel more confident in your clothes but if you want quicker results you do have to make more time for exercise even when your busy.


If you have a goal of putting on a little bit of muscle and looking great in the next few weeks its time to increase your work outs and adding more resistance. I would say 30 mins a day if you are going away in the next 3 weeks, although you will need rest days too and it won’t take long to get the body you want. You still need those high impact work outs, short blasts of activity to burn calories but also some more body weight or free weight focused work outs on the other days. 

Not everyone has time for this but if you really want amazing results you have to make a choice. 


On days that I really don’t have much time 15 - 20 mins of strength training can be enough just to remind those muscles what they are there for. I’ll be putting a good range of videos on for members so you can choose how long you have and what type of training you want to do.


Using moves that work on the whole body or several areas in one go can save a lot of time. If you haven’t done a lot of strength training a good starting point is 10 - 12 reps repeated 10 times. If you are using hand weights and you can do a lot more reps then the weight isn’t heavy enough.


If you have built strength and muscle before you may want to start pyramid training which is a mixture of low reps and high reps. when your building more muscle your metabolism is running a lot faster and you will be burning more calories even when your not training. 


Make sure you don’t try the pyramid training techniques if you are not used to exercising as you will regret it the next day gradually increase what you doing and be sensible other wise you will be having a lot of rest days to recover. I will be covering this in detail in the future.


You can take my work outs with you to the gym but I’ve tried to design everything so you can do it at home or at a hotel if your away. Pure body weight exercises do work just as well but I just like to keep things more interesting by mixing it up and using different equipment.


If you don’t have something Im using it doesn’t matter just find something round the house that has some weight to it be creative or treat yourself to a set of dumb belts they really aren’t expensive and you can do so much with them. I also love using a kettle bell for full body movements but you can still use anything as long as you can keep a good grip of it and don’t end up throwing it at your tv!


Most of all have fun keep trying new things and stay consistent with your plan of when you are going to work out and for how long. Make sure you are giving all your work outs 100% effort and sticking to a healthy diet while your doing this is so important as you want to see those muscles your building other wise they will be hidden by fat.


If you have any questions just send me a message, see you soon!


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