How to incorporate them into your lifestyle

Is it ok to have a cheat day?


Yes, I believe if you let yourself have the odd treat once a week it actually helps you stay on track. What you must not do though is use it as an excuse to eat as much as you want that day because that will definitely set you back and prevent you from achieving your goals. 


Don’t forget we need to keep our bodies consuming the right amount of calories and if you want to lose weight it means you have to eat less calories than your burning so you can burn the fat on your body.


The trouble is if you do this long term your body starts to think your starving yourself and it slows your metabolism down so having a cheat day actually helps just a treat may be you go out and have a meal that isn’t quite as strict. 


Or it’s someone’s birthday and you want to join in eating cake and having drinks then you can join in for that one day and get back you your normal healthy eating the rest of the week it’s ok as you don’t normally do it every day. 


Each week try to make sure the majority of the time you are sticking to healthy habits but you are allow to have fun too just try not to go over board you will get better at the right balance as time goes on. Any questions let me know in the group or a private message and have fun see you soon.


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