What can you drink when you go out or at home?

What else can you drink and what do you do when you want to go out and enjoy yourself?


So Ive talked a lot on the 28 day challenge about how important it is to drink a lot of water but what else can you drink and what do you do when you want to go out and enjoy yourself?


This is one thing that makes such a big difference to peoples body shape as most people just think that you can work extra hard in the gym on Monday after work and the weekend treats will simply disappear. Well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is the reason people put on a lot of weight if they are a wine connoisseur or very social creatures.


It is actually impossible to work off your calories from alcohol I know, its just not fair is it.


Your body will break down the calories in your liver using special enzymes but this process is at a set rate in your body and there is no way to speed this up so you just have to wait for your liver to do its job and work on burning your other calories with exercise.


The good news is if you watch the amount of sugar in drinks and food more carefully your body will start to adapt to burning fat in your body rather than the sugar you are consuming.


If your having a nice meal out I would recommend having 2 drinks a glass or water to keep you hydrated and stop you from over eating and a second drink to feel that you are having something nice while your enjoying a night out. A lot of people like to have wine with their meal but just have a small glass and a large glass of water next to it. 


You could go for a spritzer which is wine and soda or wine and low sugar lemonade. I know the sweeteners in drinks can be just as bad for you as sugar but if your having a night out and a treat as long as you are sensible and keep drinking water too you will be able to stay on track with your goals.


Cocktails always make you feel like your having something special but just be aware that they contain a huge amount of calories. I have some ideas to make you feel like your still having some nice drinks but your not going over board.  a margarita is one of the worst choices on the cocktail menu at 550 calories. Ask for your mojito without sugar for a much lighter option between 130-140 calories. 


Shandy instead of beer - swapping a full beer for some diet lemonade takes your drink from 250-300 calories to a mere 60 calories a glass. You can also get low calorie beer which is worth a try.


A Spritzer instead of wine - try adding diet lemonade or soda water to your wine to reduce the calorie intake drastically from 150-220 calories to just 50 a glass.

I like Gin and slim line Tonic water always hits the spot for me but only a couple of glasses a night when I'm away.

I hardly ever drink normally so this is much more that I would drink anyway. 


I also drink soda water which is just gas not sugar with a tiny bit of lime or something that has low sugar content to give it some taste. This really helps when i’m out at a pub but I really don’t want to drink alcohol i feel like I’m still joining in. 


If you want something different to drink at home fruit infused water is really nice get a jug that fits in the fridge and fill it with water, ice and things like melon, lemons, limes, kiwi you can try also sorts of fruit and the longer you leave it the better. A nice refreshing drink.


I also made a concise decision not to drink a lot of milk after I watched a video about how it is for baby cows for a reason and it helps them grow and but weight on. I hadn’t really think about it before but I decided to give other types of milk a try from almond milk to soya and there are so many more just keep an eye on the nutritional info on the carton to make a good choice. Soya seems to work well in tea but I only have 1 cup a day if that now and almond milk is really nice on high fibre low sugar cereals or in smoothies.


I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions I'm here to help take care see you soon, Helen x


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