Enjoy some delicious low cal ideas!

How to make good choices when you are eating out.


Ok its the weekend and your being taken out for a treat but what do you choose on the menu? There are so many types of pub food and restaurants but there are always healthy options. 


My local pubs mainly do the unhealthy stuff like burgers, pizzas and chips with everything but when you look carefully they usually have a few a light options and vegetarian options are sometimes a lot healthier than the other choices. 


If burgers are the only option make sure they are good quality and hand made ones not quite as bad and i normally skip the chips and ask for extra salad or veg I don’t eat the bread either unless it a specialty bread whole meal and as long as I'm planning to work out that day.


I would much prefer to have a nice piece of fish with green vegetables or roast chicken. I also love my sunday dinners out its so great when you haven’t got all that washing up to do afterwards. I don’t eat the potatoes unless im planning to do a lot of exercise as these are high in carbs and to be honest you really don’t need them when you have a good range of other vegetables.


some things can be converted in to a healthy meal if you are really struggling to chose something I would always ask if you can swap parts of the meal for example, if its a bolognese can they do spiral veg instead of pasta for a low carb option I have seen this before in a couple of restaurants so I think things like this are becoming more popular as peoples awareness grows.


I always look at the side dishes and the ask if I can swap chips for one of those like a vegetable dish, spinach, mushrooms not deep fried though, prawns are sometimes an option full of protein or even looking at the starters and having one of those as a side dish. 


A salad does often feel like a boring option but you can usually add extras to it to make it more filling and a bit more interesting. Avocado in salad is great, mango, sometimes you can add nuts and seeds. even a bit of cheese.


If you have a favour meal just think what would you swap to make it healthy, I had a shepards pie at a pub the other day but it was a vegetarian version made with lentils, beans and a parsnip mash topping really lovely and surprisingly filling too.


Steak is sometimes the only healthy thing on offer as its lean and high in protein have it with salad or veg and you can even add tomatoes and mushrooms. Gammon and egg is also great but ask if they do baby potatoes if you really need potatoes if your working out hard that day is ok especially if you don’t have them very often.


I really love chilli con carne but as you know it comes with white rice which I try to avoid some times ill just make sure i just have a small portion but I just know a plate full isn’t worth the amount of exercise it takes to work it off. Ask if they do cauliflower rice they might look at you funny but its worth asking and then ask if not you would be happy with a range of vegetables but not potatoes unless you are at your ideal weight and training hard. You will start to get to know which places are accomidadting and try to help and get you something you feel is a healthy option. 


Chicken and veg on skewers with salad is a great choice I really love this and it usually has some piri sauce that gives it a kick. If your having chinese food try to chose steamed options not deep fried. And curry can be ok if you chose wisely Each poppadom contains just 65 calories. Top it with cucumber dip) and tomato onion rather than higher-calorie mango chutney or lime pickle. Vegetable, chicken and prawn curries tend to have a slightly lower calorie content than those made with beef or lamb and so are a better choice.


It’s often the rich sauce that boosts the calorie content so spoon as much of the meat and vegetables on your plate as you want but leave the sauce behind in the dish. A lot of Indian food is cooked in unhealthy oils and fats so just be aware you can always ask.


Ok! I hope that helps and send me a message if you need any help.


Make sure you still enjoy your food its really important to be able to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Stay healthy and happy! Helen x


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