The secret steps to a Healthy, Happy mindset for life

Do you struggle to stay happy and positive all the time I know we all have bad days and times when things get to us that's why I have put together this useful step by step guide to help you exercise your happy thoughts!

Part 1: WARNING!  You must have an open mind for this to work!

Part 3: Meditation really helps you stay calm, feel more in control and listen to your intuition.

Try a guided meditation first if you have never done it before, as you get used to relaxing and not letting your thoughts bombard you it will help you move up the consciousness scale if practiced regularly.

Part 4: A lot of people think that happiness comes from other people and how they treat us.

I want you to make a list of the things that make you happy and prove to yourself you can make yourself feel good. It helps to get comfortable with spending time on your own. Schedule time to be alone and do things that make you happy.

Part 5: 

This session is a Hypnotherapy session for you to keep repeating as often as possible if you are struggling to be happy and content in life. Get comfortable and relax, there is nothing to be concerned about. This MP3 will help you relax much deeper than you have been able to before. It will give you positive suggestions to help you feel much happier every day, enjoying life and feeling content.

Part 2: How to monitor your state and stay in control

Please see the diagram below to help you understand the levels of vibration and how they make us feel.

As you can see if we can keep ourselves in the higher vibrations we feel so much happier.


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