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How to start your Day the Ninja way!

How do you stay calm and happy in the mornings when your so busy and have to rush about like a lunatic! 


Breath! As you open your eyes take deep slow breaths and let it out slowly, say thank you, this gives out positive energy and you will then attract more positive energy throughout the day.


Listen to my morning meditation it will help you let go of stress and look forward to a positive day.


Start to think of things you are grateful for as you get ready for work and try to release the tension in your body as on as you notice it.


Put on some music that makes you feel good or listen to something inspiring, you can even have this on in the car on your way to work.


Do some kind of exercise even if it is just a few stretches and some press ups. Wake your body up gently but do something to kick start your metabolism before you leave the house.


Tell yourself how great you are and anything else you need to hear use your name and something like "(Your Name) you are such a kind loving person everyone appreciates you and loves you". Say it looking in the mirror every morning it’s really effective. 

It might sound big headed but you need to hear this to feel good and start growing no one else is going to tell you unless your really lucky. 


Plan out your day on paper in the morning while you have your first drink. You can keep referring back to it and tick things off as you go.


Tell yourself how your day will go, visualisation is a great way to feel good and more in control. Imagine good feelings when you meet the people you are going to meet and talk to today.


Get organised make sure everything is ready the night before as you will not be panicking and rushing as much and you can learn to take your time and stay in control.


Sometimes we do have to get up a little earlier to make time for ourselves but once you are in the routine you will feel so much better and more relaxed.


Not everyone is a breakfast person and if you are super busy in the morning you may rush out with out anything. Try to have something ready to grab in the morning you can make a smoothie or a protein shake if you find it hard to eat in the morning and have it ready in the fridge. Take some healthy snacks with you like nuts and veggie sticks.


I hope this helps, if you have any questions or more ideas for your morning routine let us all know in the private group.


Stay strong and Happy!

Helen x


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