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Ninja Punch / Kick Bag Training 

Using a punch bag at home or in a gym can feel very strange at first if you have never used one before. They are usually very heavy and a lot harder than you expect. There are lots of different types of bag but here are some tips to help you get started that you should be able to use on any type of bag. 

Your Range

Stand in a good stance if your right handed left leg in front and right foot slightly behind and to the side feet facing forwards. Hold one arm up in front and stand so you can reach the bag with your fist but your not leaning forwards. You will want to step in closer some shots like body shots to the sides and step back out to practice like a fighter reducing the time you will be in range for your imaginary opponent to hit back. Just think step in with your front leg throw your shots a short combination then back out of the way. 

You should be using wraps on your hands to protect your wrists and decent gloves that are not too heavy for you but protect your hands. With your hands in the fist position inside your gloves imagine that your punching with the first 3 fingers of the fist pounding your Little finger is not good for your safety.


Punches are thrown from the face as you should have your guard up high, use a snap punch that rotates the fist to hit the bag and then straight back to your guard. Make sure your not pushing the bag just hitting it.


As a beginner just focus on watching the example punches and kicks, learning a good technique don’t worry about hitting hard at first. Once you have gained a little bit of skill you can then look into how to add more power to your punch.

The more you practice they will start to feel more natural and will flow after each other with out pauses.


When your practicing your kickboxing moves on the bag make sure your looking at where you are punching but try not to just stare in one place your eyes need to learn to be looking for signals and staying alert, looking down or letting your mind wander can be a bad habit to get stuck with. If I’m working with a partner i try to keep looking in their eyes as much as possible.


It can be easy to get lazy when you train with a bag and have long gaps of rest,set a timer ideally 1 min to 2 min rounds but don’t worry if you need to start with 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off this is still a fantastic work out and you will get very strong and fit if you keep practicing on a regular basis. 


As you strike the bag make sure you breath out, never hold your breath as you will soon run out of oxygen and this with make your body very tired as well. Controlling your breathing with short out breaths when striking and normal breathing in between will enable you to become very efficient with your energy and you will start to get fitter and be able to train for longer with out ever getting out of breath.


You must keep moving around the bag, imagine your moving a round a ring no one stands still when they fight you need to be transferring your weight between your feet moving left and right imagining that someone is trying to catch you out. 


Even if you have not interest in fighting an opponent you will work a lot harder and burn more calories if you are constantly moving. Only leaving 1 or 2 seconds in between punches and kicks. It may feel exhausting at first but if you just do short bursts and then a small rest you can gradually increase your time working. Your fitness can improve dramatically with this type of exercise but it will feel tough at first, stick with it you will surprise yourself.


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