Develop the willpower you need

You may think you have no will power if you are struggling to stick to a healthy new lifestyle but what is will power and how do we get more of it? 


Will power is like a muscle you can train your willpower muscle to get stronger the more you practice using it. It’s your inner strength that helps you make good decisions and do things when you said you would. 


Your will power starts strong at the beginning of the day but as you get tried your will power will start to become harder to control and this is when you are more likely to give in.


Eating good quality food will effect your willpower as it is controlled by the front section of the brain the prefrontal cortex. If the brain isn’t getting receiving enough energy it will effect your decisions and actions.


Stress can effect your will power as it can literally drain you and all of your energy meaning again the brain looses what it needs.


I want you to imagine you have the good fairy on one shoulder and the naughty pixie on the other both of them trying to convince you to make the right decision.  The aim is to strengthen your fairy by practicing self control on regular occasions each time you achieve your aim an resist making the wrong decision you gain fairy points and she becomes stronger and helps you have even more control next time.


The more you gain fairy points the less likely you are to making bad decisions about things like what to eat or whether to go to the gym. 


You can help your fairy by repeating good affirmations to yourself and confirming that you are staying on track. For example I always enjoy eating a healthy lunch, I feel great when I exercise, I love trying healthy food, I feel so strong, I am always consistent with my training.


Taking time to relax, meditate or just sit and reflect on your day in a positive way can also increase your will power as it improves focus and gives attention to the things you want to keep working towards giving yourself a positive reminder that your doing great. 


More examples of ways you can help your will power are...


1) Saying no thank you When your work friends bring cakes into the office practice saying no thank you I’m saving myself for my naughty day on Saturday. 


2) When you have finished your dinner and have a sweet craving have a long drink of water and a hand full of nuts. You can even use the tapping EFT techniques I showed you.


3) When you have finished work feel tired but know you need to work out as you have been sitting all day, imagine how good you will look when you have stuck to the plan in a few weeks time and just decided to push through even if it’s a slightly shorter work out on the days your really tired out.


4) I know these might sound harsh at first but you will be thanking me when you see results and eventually you wont even feel like any of the sweet stuff. You will actually starting to look forward to the time to yourself working out. It’s all about self care you deserve it look after your body you only have one chance. Be strict on yourself and you will benefit in so many ways. 


Inner strength is just as important as outside strength! We can do this don’t forget you have an inner Ninja now To help.


Let everyone know in the group how you are testing your willpower!


Stay Strong and Stay Happy, Helen x


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