28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge

Welcome to the 28 Day Inner Ninja Challenge, I’m so excited for you!

Healthy happy Ninja is about believing in yourself making sure you give yourself the care and attention you need to make positive changes and learning how to stick to new healthy habits for the long term wether your busy or not. 

This is where Ninja focus comes in to help you take a good look at yourself as a person. 

The way we think effects are attitude and in turn our actions and habits. 


This will effect the type of results that we get so we can change the results we get if we are ready to look at ourselves in an honest open way and look at how we have been treating ourselves. 


So the first thing I want you to do is write down the way you think about the results you currently have. What are your daily emotions? Are you always angry? always stressed and rushing around, feel emotional? What are your bad habits? What are the things that you feel are causing these problems?


Ok take some slow deep breaths and now start think about more positive things...

lets spend 2 mins thinking about how you want things to be . 


If you could change what would it look like? What would you look like ? Write it down now. Are you always happy, are you always smiling, are you always full of energy, are you always enjoying doing fun things?


Now you know what your ideal image is, how do you think someone like that would think?

Would they spend more time taking care of themselves?

Would they have different priorities?

Write down any ideas that come to mind. 


Now you have had some time to think start writing down as much information as you can about the new you. You need to take some time to think about all areas of your life and who you want to become. Think about what you want to be like at work, at home and with family and friends.


Can you picture your image of the ideal you in all these areas? 

Describe with as much detail as you can. Make sure you stick this up somewhere you will see every day. And tell us in the comments a few of your favourite points about the new you.


I also want you to choose one daily activity that you do every day with out thinking about it and link one exercise to it for example a few press ups, a few squats or lunges.  I used do a few press ups every time I was waiting for my dinner to cook I tend to do the in the morning now after I get dressed. 


And then lastly drink lots of water start carrying a bottle with you everywhere. So to recap send me a message with a few points from the ideal you spend a bit of time with your eyes closed thinking about it breathing slowly and deeply.


Then think of a daily activity that you can link to a simple exercise like squats while your brushing your teeth or press ups in the morning after your shower. And lastly drink lots of water and start carrying a bottle with you. 


Tomorrow we will be doing our first work out make sure you find 30 mins to do it.

Have a fantastic day see you soon, Helen x



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