Do you want really defined abs?


Do you want really defined abs? Make sure you do 3 sets for each day!

Ninja Abs Day 1 x3 sets 

Getting really defined abs is not easy but you can achieve it if you are doing consistent work on your abs as well as the HIIT style work outs (short blasts) that burn calories quickly to get rid of that layer of fat. Your diet must be really clean as well you want see those Abs if you keep having too many cheat days. Have a high protein diet, low carbs and healthy fats.You will also benefit from doing the dumbbell work outs a lot of the moves are for the whole body and the more muscle you have the quicker you burn calories.

Ninja Abs Day 2 x3 sets 

Keep going everyone your doing so well, let me know which are your favourite exercises?

Ninja Abs Day 3 x3 sets 

Keep going everyone your doing so well, how are your abs feeling today?

Ninja Abs Day 4 x3 sets 

How do those side planks feel?

Ninja Abs Day 5 x3 sets 

Did you manage to do the plank version of the bird dog? its a tricky one! Go for it!

Ninja Abs Day 6 x3 sets 

How long can you do a star plank for? 

Ninja Abs Day 7 x3 sets 

Which was your favourite exercise today?



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