Listen every day for the next 30 days

If your struggling to stay in a positive frame of mind listen to this every morning make sure you are relaxed it works best is you put it on as soon as you open your eyes.

Listen every day for the next 30 days.

Good morning and welcome to the healthy happy ninja morning meditation,  Try to listen to this before you get out of bed in the morning, take some deep slow breaths and relax, scan your body from the top of your head all the way down to your toes, if you notice any tension just let it go.  If you have any thought of worry of stress just let them go, as you exhale your letting all tension and stress go, no more worries, let them go, no more sadness let it go. What ever has happened in the passed just let it go.


Keep breathing deeply , calm and relaxed,  this is an amazing new day, this one of the best days in your life,  there are so many exciting opportunities for you everyday,  there are so many fun things you can do everyday,  you have so many loving people around you every day, you never know what lovely surprises and enjoyable experiences you will have today. 

You feel more relaxed and calm in yourself knowing that good things are coming your way.  You are in control of your day, you can plan and decide to look after yourself today.

You always have fun and share your positive energy with everyone you meet. You want them To feel good too.  You take time today to breath deeply, you can make time for anything you need to do, you have an abundance of positive energy everytime you breath in deeply and slowly and breath out any negative energy that might be lingering. 

You feel the positive energy filling your body from the top of your head like a stream of light your feeling so full of positive light it starts to expand and radiate outwards. 

Everyone that meets you can see the positive light in you. 

You are glowing with positive energy. 

Feeling so alive and so happy today and everyday.  

Say thank you for this and have a fantastic day.


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