I’m sure your an amazing friend to many people and support and help them when they are in need of compassion.

But how do you manage your own emotions day to day? Do you look at them in the same way? You may think its really hard to give yourself advice and supportive words, handling negative feelings when you can’t distance yourself from them. We all need encouragement and to hear positive words about ourselves to feel good and this helps us perform a lot better in everything we do.

When I teach kickboxing I always look for the good things people are doing first and make sure they know they are doing something well. I also look at the things I can help them improve on and then give them small steps to help them change. Then when they see they can do something even better than before they are so pleased with themselves and feel so great for achieving something.

The power of positive self-talk is well known as a way to feel really good about yourself. You might think this sounds a little crazy but I assure you this really does work and you probably already do have conversations going on in your head every day but now I’ve said it your probably just more aware of it now.

Talking to yourself in the third person (ie. your name), can help you manage difficult emotions more effectively as your gaining psychological distance and this really can have a big effect on you and help you feel like your more in control.

Be kind to yourself tell yourself that you can make positive changes and you can achieve the things you want. Look at all the things you have already achieved and probably take for granted. Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be right now. You can start small steps to feeling better, looking better and enjoying the process. 

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