Do your friends and family help and support you or hinder and hold you back from improving yourself?

When you start to move in the direction you want to go with your health, fitness and mind set, some times you may find that your friends or family make comments and try to pull you back to what you normally do.

This is totally normal and they are probably not even aware they are doing it. Be patient and kind towards them they will start to realise that what you are doing is not just helping yourself but having a positive effect on them as well, to feel better, look better, feel more relaxed and confident and help them look after themselves more by making better choices.

So if your now starting to understand which foods are better for you, your starting to do regular exercise that is fun and exciting and your thinking in a much more positive, calm and open way to create long term healthy habits.  They might see you as someone acting strangely, they don’t understand because they haven’t gained the knowledge that you have and they may try to hinder your progress by offering you things that are not inline with your new thoughts about how you want to be. 

They may complain that they don’t see you as much because your priorities have changed and you want to spend a bit more time on the activities that are going to help you be the healthy happy person you want to be. There is still plenty of time to see friends and family, you may even be able to persuade them to start doing fun activities with you. You can turn your weekly coffee shop chats in to a jog or a swim and a chat together. Ask them to try a new sport of hobby that gets them off the sofa and away from negative News or TV programs. Slowly but surely you will be helping them too, they will start to see the results you are having and want to know more, even if there was some initial resistance.

Change is never easy but it will bring you a step closer to what you want and it really is worth it for long term results. What ever your doing today have fun, enjoy each day. Make sure you’re making some time for you. I hope this helps you we want all your friends and family to be healthy and happy too!

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