What you need to know to become successful and get results with Kickboxing & Fitness.

Getting fit and strong with kickboxing is so much fun and you will see amazing results but it does take time, anyone that tells you that any fitness niche is a quick fix is telling you a big fib. 

You will go on a big learning curve but all the elements will be broken down in to small manageable progressive steps, be patient, have fun and enjoy the process. You will need to know how to stand, move and hold your guard, being ready for action this will already help you look like a pro. 

There are many techniques to learn and you will need to listen carefully taking on bored the tips given and apply them as soon as possible so that you can progress. Kickboxing is a very disciplined sport and although I do it just for fitness and fun I still make sure I have a disciplined routine each week that I stick to, even when I don’t feel like it. 

I have my own goals and I want to maintain the level I am at as well as move forwards. Always testing myself and setting new challenges. You will find that if you also do this with me your strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and knowledge will continue to grow and you will have formed some true skills that you can be really proud of.

You will start understand how important your foot work is judging distance and moving effectively and learn lots of ways to practice this skill.  Understanding how to Breath, ok I know you know how to breath but there are techniques you can learn to help improve your stamina and your power. Using Body weight exercises to build strength, and control these might seem difficult at first but as anything new in life the more you practice the easier it gets.

You will start to understand how to jump higher and how important it is to practice jumping as it will progress to much more advanced moves. If you haven’t done any skipping since school then its time to treat yourself to a decent skipping rope, skipping is a skill that can be adapted really easily for beginners to advanced, a lot of athletes use skipping to warm up, keep fit and improve foot work.

Speed and power I’m sure you will be dying to know this part and this is something that will develop in time. Understanding the basics and increasing your fitness will be the initial foundations ensuring that you prevent injuries. Self defence is part of our Ninja training and its so important to understand tactics and techniques to stay safe. All of the techniques we teach are for emergency situations only, purely to defend yourself if you ever needed to and must never be used to initiate an attack.

Kickboxing Training is so flexible and there are so many ways you can train we like to make sure that we offer a wide variety of training and each training session is never the same. Some people prefer to Shadow box punching and kicking in the air this is a good starting point for most people but you will be taught how to punch and kick different types of pads and objects in a safe way this introduces resistance and helps your muscles to adapt and develop creating a lean strong body. Alternating drills with exercises for strength and stamina creates a HITT type of training short blasts with short rest times and this is an amazing way to shred fat and stay slim.

The training we provide is great for all abilities as you can adjust the training to your needs making it a low impact or high impact session and adding more advanced techniques for higher levels. At the end of the day you are the only person that can decide how hard you are are going to work and the more effort you put in the more you will get out of your training.