Stress is an issue that many of us have to deal with every day of our lives. With pressures from work and trying to keep up with social expectations, always trying to please family it can all be very overwhelming. we often have very little time to look after ourselves and make sure we focus on what is really important. If not recognised early on stress can become detrimental to our health causing problems such as depression and anxiety.

Finding ways to eliminate stress in our lives can be so life to change and empowering. Like anything, there are no quick fixes but being more aware of how we feel and working on yourself looking at what really affects you and how you can respond can be your first steps.

Martial Arts teaches vital skills that help you stay in control of your emotions. Learning to breathe slowly and calmly in any situation so that you can relax and refocus rather than shouting and swearing in anger. This is all about focus and discipline thinking before you act.

Many of us have anxiety issues because we worry about what might happen or what other people think this can cause severe confidence issues and these can be stressful to deal with. Learning to have belief in yourself and your abilities can ease anxiety. The lesson learnt in self-defence can be applied to many real-life situations and dealing with fear.

Fear is what we are feeling when we are stressed and anxious the fight or flight response is something that is deep in our subconscious and we need to understand how we can tap into this to keep ourselves calm and in control.

Getting a good workout can really lift your mood by releasing endorphins and you will feel so empowered and energised from your training session. Hitting pads and kicking shields help release the feelings you’re holding on to and help you let go of all bad feelings.

Often people lash out when they are stressed either verbally or physically this can be controlled and Martial Arts classes will teach you how to control this aggression. By working with others you with learn to hold back your feelings of anger, it’ll help you use your better judgement to avoid the conflict.

If you’re struggling for stress and need help to manage it, then there are many different Martial Arts classes available across the UK, if you live in the Chesterfield area in the Uk why not pop down and see us for some Kickboxing! Or you can keep in touch and pick up a lot more tips from our healthy happy ninja tips click subscribe and join our tribe!

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