I call this Ninja Focus, a healthy mind is controlled by our thoughts. So Looking more closely at our thoughts is the first step. Being more aware of what is going on in our heads and learning ways to understand and make changes.

There are often conflicts in our minds as we don’t always see ourselves in a true light. We may have taken on board issues from our passed and we don’t need to keep carrying these thoughts and feeling with us.

Thinking about who we really want to be and learning to make small changes towards this is an import decision to make. Making a commitment to work on your mind is key and this then changes how you feel and forms new beliefs and actions.

I first learnt about the Importance of gratitude when a friend told me about a film called the secret this was about 10 years ago and when I first watched it I was really fascinated by the theories behind it. I watched it several times but I still don’t think I understood it fully and in-depth un till more recently.

The film explains about the laws of attraction and how we attract the things in life that we think about the most by the energy that we give out from the way we think and behave. I know this sounds very strange at first but as you learn more about energy which I have more recently it is amazing how much I have become aware of how this really works.

You may think relaxation & Visualisation techniques are some kind of weird idea just for people that have anger issues. Well I’m going to surprise you and tell you that in my opinion everyone needs to learn how to relax and visualise there are so many benefits including simply feeling safe and happy.

I recommend spending time focusing on your breathing and listening to relaxation music to start with. This is something that needs practice like anything else. Your mind will want to dart off in all directions at first until it realises that you’re not going to give in and it will start to let you have some peace.

Learning hypnotherapy has really helped me and I highly recommend it even if you are just teaching yourself don’t worry you can’t do yourself any harm just make sure your not listening to hypnosis while your driving.

Taking a meditation class is also a great way to learn to relax more, some of the most successful people claim that a lot of their success is down to regular mediation practice and taking time to clear their mind.

Feeling confident and happy that your life is heading the the right direct can really help you have a relaxed, confident, happy head and planning out what you really want is the best way I have found to do this. Once you are clear about what you want you can then start to listen to positive affirmations that will convince your subconscious that you are ready and taking action to achieve what it is you want.

Being strong and determined are also characteristics of a healthy mind, putting yourself first instead of last and doing what is in your heart instead of what you feel you have to do in life makes a huge difference to your mental health. Start believing in yourself and showing everyone who you really are.

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