So what’s the single most important thing you need to do at this time of year to stay Happy and healthy?

It's actually been quite sunny today strangely but in Autumn it does suddenly go colder and darker earlier on and this can have a big effect on your mood and motivation. A lot of people suffer from Seasonal affective disorder which is a mood disorder even  people that have good mental health throughout most of the year can get depressed at the same time each year, it can get worse the nearer we get to  winter. you might find your sleeping too much or have little energy and can’t get motivated to do anything.

We all have times when we feel low and don’t feel our normal happy selves so its really important to know what to do when this happens so we can bounce back quickly and start feeling good again. 

Just remember you are in charge of your subconscious mind its naturally negative in us all we have to show it who’s the boss by feeding it positive words constantly. Make sure that you avoid anything negative as you will be super sensitive to it, yes turn the news off its 90  % negative so thats a great start. If you have any negative friends of family members stay away for now until your back to your normal self and can easily ignore any negativity. Watching Soap operas are the worst for feeding negative story lines and this also will not help how your feeling right now, good vibes only.

When you go to bed or if you need to lay down and relax for a while to get your mind together put your ear phones in and listen to positive affirmations you can convince your mind of anything if you repeat it enough and the most effect times are just as you wake up and just as your dropping off to sleep.

Toni Robins talks a lot about changing states and how just by modelling other peoples behaviour and body language you can feel very different even empowered. Just by standing up and looking up and making yourself smile you can make yourself feel better. its impossible to feel good and bad at the same time and what do people do when they feel good they jump around more they find more energy, they look up not down at the floor. There eyes are wide and they smile taking bigger breaths. 

Sometimes it helps to have a memory of a really exciting fun moment in time that you can use to take yourself back to that feeling. Just borrow that feeling from that memory maybe it was a party or your wedding day, when you need to close your eyes and imagine your really there again and your will start to have the same feelings you did at that time. imagine the same sounds, the same smells, the same feelings and emotions and you will soon start feeling happy again. 

We all need to hear compliments or kind words but as we get older and life is so busy sometimes people forget to say things that are important, even people close to us are busy looking after their own minds it’s not their fault so don’t blame others for how you feel take responsibility for your own mental health and take care of what you are feeding your mind on a daily basis. 

You can leave yourself little notes around the house to remind yourself things like you are strong, you are confident, you are loved. Simple things like this can make a massive difference to your subconscious programming and this is the automatic part of the mind so you will not feel like it is such a fight to stay positive and happy if you work on this every day.

I hope this helps everyone have a happy Autumn and winter this year , stay strong and stay Happy x

If you want to get back on track with a happy mind and body maybe its time to try the 28 Day inner Ninja Challenge!

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