We all have goals or are they just dreams?

The things you have in mind as goals ( the life you want or the version of you that you want to become) need to be specific and you need to be making steps towards them however small other wise they are just dreams.

Why is it so hard to change habits and focus on making the small consistent steps towards our goals? Our lives are full of distractions, friends, family and work commitments are just the obvious ones. There are a few points I want you to remember when you feel you are doing all you can but still not staying on track and seeing progress.

1. we all have the same 24 hours a day and you can choose how you spend your time. Days need to be planned to gain the most out of your time, write a list every morning and reminders set.

2. Everything in your life is a result of the choices you have made. If you are not happy you can change your life in a second with a new choice and action you are not a tree you can move.

3. Are you thinking or doing? When you have a lot of ideas about the future it. can be easy to just spend all your time dreaming and trying to think through how you will achieve things but this doesn’t actually move you forward you need to take action. Write down the next 3 things you need to do and do them now.

4. Some times we want things to change so badly that we just get frustrated focusing on what isn’t here yet or the body you want seems impossible to achieve. Making the most of the resources you already have available, Relax more, you just need to think in more of a creative way, draw out a mind map around your goal. Think of all the things that can make a difference to it and stay positive.

5. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you tell someone what you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be a huge secret, but do be aware sometimes people don’t want you to grow and change leaving them behind. Even if you only tell your closest of friends, only choose someone you know will be supportive of your goals and ideas. Meet up with them or call them once a week and share your progress.

6. Change one thing at a time. This is something that it so hard to do but just focusing on one new idea or new habit at a time for around 28 days will mean you are seeing results and progress. You can still observe other ideas but keep one thing close to you and work on it every day!

7. Who has already achieved what you want? Research and study other people and how they have got to where you want to be. Can you model the things they are doing ?

8. Reward yourself for the little things you have done well (I don’t mean with food! ) acknowledge the wins the things you stick to consistently, the small results, the things you can do now that were impossible a couple of weeks ago. Anything that shows the seed you planted is finally growing. Be proud of yourself you have learned to be disciplined and you are determined, if you can do this you will get what you want.


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