How Visualisation can help you get the body you want!

If there is something you want to achieve in life or you have an idea of the way you would like to look in the future why not try to use visualisations as a tool.

You might feel a bit silly doing this at first but If you close your eyes and picture yourself the way you want to be or being able to do something you can’t do yet and  feel the feelings of achieving it, and you do it enough you can convince your subconscious that it is real.

Think about how you will you feel?

Tapping into your emotions can also really help you take a big step towards something that you might have before thought impossible.

Setting yourself small manageable goals alongside visualising the bigger picture can work really effectively.  

I know that athletes use visualisation to picture themselves sprinting through the finish line in first position or jumping that little bit higher or standing on the podium getting their gold medals. They run through the images in their heads playing it like a movie over and over again until it is ingrained in their subconscious minds. There have been studies showing that your mind can’t tell the difference between actually doing something and visualising it. Which is so amazing and we can all use this to our advantage.

By doing this regularly it can help you not only become better at doing things more quickly but it can also help change your limiting beliefs that often hold us all back from achieving what we want.

There are so many benefits and uses of visualisation I’ve even used it to convince my mind that I'm relaxed, happy and calm at the dentists while I'm having root canal surgery! While I was in the waiting room I was listening to relaxing meditation music and concentrating on my breathing slow steady and calm. Counting the same amount in and then out to keep the nerves under control and then as soon as I lay back in the chair I started to put myself into a really relaxed state imagining I’m walking down a spiral staircase and with each step getting more and more relaxed this is one technique I use in hypnotherapy.

Then I imagined I was on the beach on my last holiday, I could hear the sounds of the waves, the sea gulls, the children playing. I could feel the sand between my toes, the warm sun on the face, the soft towel I was laying on. I could see the long beautiful views and my family smiling and having fun. If you can practice taking yourself to places that make you feel good you can always change the way you feel in a few seconds, borrowing those feeling and emotions.

If your using it to stay focused and motivated the more you focus on the results you want the more you will be inclined to act on those ideas by taking action and then achieve what you want in a shorter time frame. Visualise yourself looking at your body in the mirror and the amazing physic you desire.

Leaving visual reminders around your home or where you sit at work can be a great way to stay focused on the things you want and are working towards. Leave reminders everywhere for example, weights next you your bed or a yoga mat to remind you to stretch then it’s ready to use in the morning. You will see them straight away and this will stop you forgetting or being drawn to do other things.

Where focus goes energy flows so get some images of how you want to look if your wanting to change your body shape find people that have a similar physic and put them everywhere you look, not to make you feel bad but to make you take action!

You can also use this to work towards other goals in your life too!

I hope this helps, Let me know how your getting on !

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