If you’re interested in Martial Arts maybe you have just started training regularly or you do dance or yoga that requires you to be a lot more flexible than the average person.

You may be feeling a little inadequate, don’t worry we know exactly how you feel and you can stop making yourself feel bad right now.

There is nothing wrong you are just looking at this in the wrong way. Just picture the image of someone you have seen in an extreme strike or impressive move that you want to achieve. Now imagine what that person would have been like in their first lesson. I’m sure they would be just the same as you. We must never compare ourselves to someone that can do a skill that has been practised consistently over many years, there just isn’t a comparison.

Accept that this is going to take time and if you really want to achieve something impressive it’s going to take a lot of practice. Enjoy the process and you will find practice easy, Don’t get frustrated it will just slow you down and it might even make you quit. Get help from someone that can do the skill you want to learn. They can break it down for you into the step by step stages that they took to allow them to progress.

I do believe that anyone can become very flexible with dedication and focus. I don’t even think that age is something that can hinder you if you really believe you will do it one day you will, you just need to make the decision and take the first step. Decide to decide make your goal clear and then make a promise to yourself that you will take the steps necessary every day and not expect results overnight. Set reminders, make a chart of activities and tick them off each day. It will take you around 21 days to get into the habit, it will then become a lot easier to stick to practice.

Choose one move at a time if there is one stretch or move you really want to achieve just focus on that one thing as often as you can. Trying to work on too many things at once can be unproductive.

Stretching throughout the day rather than just once a day will speed up the results you achieve. I once saw a documentary about how Jean- Claude Van Damme would stretch many times a day whenever he had a moment to rest he would be reaching down to his toes in lifts and even in the shopping que.

If you are seated during the day this is even more important for you try to take breaks throughout the day to stretch and stop yourself getting stiff. If your at work you can do some basic stretching when have a break such as touching your toes, squatting to work your hip joints and sitting in horse stance for as long as you can these moves will also help build muscle that is important to support your joints as your body and nervous system will allow you to stretch more once it realises you are strong enough to support yourself.

Morning stretching can be great for your mind as well as your body. Spend some time in the morning focusing on gratitude as you stretch you will have a much more rewarding and enjoyable day. Evening stretching can help you relax and let go of your day as well as working towards your goals.

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Stay healthy stay happy stay strong

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