So sugar is quite a big issue if your wanting to be more healthy and look after yourself. If you haven’t been looking at food labels recently it is in just about everything. Cutting down on sugar can make a huge difference to your waist line and your mood. If your constantly grabbing sugary treats you could well be addicted to sugar and it can control your habits to quite a high extent.

Here are some ways to have a sugar free day.

So finding things with a low sugar content and release energy slowly will keep you satisfied for longer and help reduce your cravings.

Breakfast: Consume a cup of steel cut oats with some berries and seed or some scrambled eggs. Mid-morning snack: A small bowl of nuts.

Lunch: Eat a chicken breast with a bowl of lightly cooked veggies. Dinner: could be salmon with green veg.

If you can eat clean for 3 days with out any sugar you will drastically reduce your urges for it and you will be back in control again.

Set yourself a plan write out what you will eat for the next 3 days and stick to it no matter how much you want some thing sweet.

Your fatigue, headaches and low moods, will start to fade away and you will realise that you can actually survive without consuming sugar.

there are healthier types of sugar as in fruits but you stick have to limit these if you want to stay on track, just a small portion a day.

Just remember the large food manufacturers originally put sugar in their products to make sure you kept buying them. You can decide for yourself what is the best choice for your body once you are back in control of those urges. I have found the longer I leave the sugar out of my diet the less I actually want it. Its amazing how addictive it really is.

The sad thing is it can cause so many health problems if you continue to eat a high amount of sugar on a daily basis and some times its really hard to spot. Not all drink has the sugar content on the label especially alcoholic drinks.

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