When you’re finally on your way to enjoying some time in the sun one of the first things I’m sure your looking forward to is trying all the local food and drink. This is when a lot of people act like they have been starved for a week!. Eating and drink enough for the whole month instead of a week. No wonder they come back feeling uncomfortable, bloated and like they need to go on a detox. This type of holiday binge is very common and can take you quite a while to get back on track. So how can you enjoy your holiday and stay true to your health and fitness lifestyle.

Drink bottled water when your abroad I’m sure you already do but make sure your drinking at least 2 litres a day if its very hot you will drink a lot more and don’t confuse signals from your brain that you are hungry when your actually really dehydrated. Drinking water with your meals will also help it doesn’t mean you cant try the local wine but have a small glass and a large glass of water next to it.

So if your staying at a big hotel with a large buffet style spread at every meal your going to have to think ahead before you even take a step into the restaurant. If you have a good idea of what you fancy you can go straight to something and not wander round piling up your plate like its a Mary poppies hand bag. 

Choosing a healthy breakfast is really easy on holiday you will usually find an omelette station, scrabbled egg, pouched eggs, boiled eggs they are all great protein providers. Choose some nice veggies to go with them or salmon is so good for you with all the healthy fats. A couple of mornings you might have some fruit, it does contain natural sugar (Fructose) but sugar is still sugar, a small portion is fine. Try to alternate with different options. Even a full English breakfast is fine a couple of times while your away I wouldn’t have it every morning and just go steady of your portion size. Bacon is better than sausages unless they are really good quality ones. Lots of nice tomatoes and mushrooms to go with them. If you really want to try the pastries and granola that’s fine but just remember these are high in sugar and pastries contain unhealthy fats so once you have tried it I would go back to some other options.

When you’re out of your normal routine you will need to make the most of all the activities that are available while your away. You could make sure you do as many laps of the pool as you can before everyone dives in after breakfast. If the hotel has a gym 30 mins a day when you need a break from the sun is a great idea, they should have air con and it can help you cool down before you start your work out. Have fun with your family try to get them active too. Why not suggest an afternoon of tennis or a long walk to explore the local area. You can often hire bikes as well to get you out and about. Why not dance the night away in the evenings and work off one of those treats you had at dinner. 

I know it can be so exciting if there is great entertainment on every night and I cant blame you for wanting to stay up late to make the most of it. Try to make sure your still get your 8 hours sleep. If you deprive yourself of sleep while your away you can soon find that you are are going to be more lethargic and not want to be as active. You are also more likely to eat more and then gain weight.

When there is so much food available each day even between your usual meal times you might find yourself just eating because it’s there. This is a big mistake your not missing out, if your there all week I’m sure there will be nice things for you to try all week. Only eat when your actually hungry not just because you want to try everything.

Deserts on holiday are a real treat and there is no reason why you should deprive yourself. I would just try to decide on 1 thing you really love and have a small portion a couple of times while your away. It’s not a competition to taste everything on offer.

Cocktails always make you feel like your having something special but just be aware that they contain a huge amount of calories. I have some ideas to make you feel like your still having some nice drinks but your not going over board. A mojito instead of a margarita – containing lashings of tequila, sour mix, lime and sugar, a margarita is one of the worst choices on the cocktail menu at 550 calories. Ask for your mojito without sugar for a much lighter option between 130-140 calories. Shandy instead of beer – swapping a full beer for some diet lemonade takes your drink from 250-300 calories to a mere 60 calories a glass. A Spritzer instead of wine – try adding diet lemonade or soda water to your wine to reduce the calorie intake drastically from 150-220 calories to just 50 a glass. Gin and slim line Tonic water always hits the spot for me but only a couple of glasses a night when I’m away. I hardly ever drink normally so this is much more that I would drink anyway.

Have fun while your away your not on a diet but you are making healthy choices.  Bare in mind moderation and a sensible attitude towards eating and drinking will mean you feel great and look great.

If you would like more helpful tips and ideas with fun kickboxing workouts you can do anywhere, healthy eating ideas and advice or help with your mindset and learning how to relax and be focused. send me a message and follow on instagram and facebook. Look forward to helping you!