I call it Ninja Fuel as we only really need to eat to fuel our bodies and allow us to train to our best abilities.

When I was growing up I had no idea what I should be eating I was only taught to eat to get full and thinking about what my body really needed wasn’t something discussed so openly as it is in this day and age. Learning about what food is really healthy and being more aware of how it makes you feel is really important. Starting to work out what foods make you feel good and which ones don’t, are you always tired and lethargic?

Looking at food labels and understanding what to look out for to make sure your having a balanced diet and not exceeding the amount of calories you are burning during your every day life and your training.

Forming good habits is essential and when you find healthy food that you enjoy you will be well on your way to making positive changes that will have a huge effect on your long term health as well and your energy levels and happiness.

It sounds strange but the more you eat healthy food the more you want it and the less you will want snacks and treats that are not so good for you.

It’s not about being on a strict diet but it is about sticking to good habits for the majority of the time, still allowing yourself things that you want that are on the naughty list every now and then so that you can feel satisfied and then go back to your new way of eating.

There are ways to monitor this so that you don’t fall down too often but you shouldn’t feel like you are depriving yourself either.

Eating healthy is great but you also need to think and be more aware of when and why you are eating. Learn how to know if your really hungry or if you’re just eating it to feel better or as a habit. You need to recognise a craving and understand what your body is really asking for.

Some people also associate certain foods with memories or passed situations to make them feel better, identifying these can be a great insight.

Knowing how to plan your meals and making them very simple and quick is the key, When your having a busy day you need to know that you have something ready when you need it this stops the quick fixes such as take outs and fast food.

Finding great ideas for healthy tasty food is essential, if you have a favourite dish you need to learn how to adapt it to make it more healthy and often this just means swapping some of the ingredients.

Food is meant to be enjoyed but its also important not to use it as a reward, you may use treats to reward your dog but you don’t to do the same to yourself.

Having a good relationship with food is key.

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