So you have already committed to doing a certain amount of physical activity a week , that’s fantastic news well done. You have made the first steps to looking after your body by making the decision to get moving in which ever ways are enjoyable to you and your sticking to it consistently every week. Maybe you jog, Cycle, Dance or go to regular fitness or Martial Arts classes.

Now some of those activities do have areas that put resistance on our bodies which is great but we do need to make sure we are putting resistance on all of our different muscle groups at least twice a week to stay strong. 

Not just to look strong but to make sure our joins and ligaments stay strong to support us in out daily lives during every day tasks. I’m sure you have heard of people that have hurt themselves from sudden exertion such as helping a friend move house. Well if we gradually and consistently train our bodies to work against resistance whether it is your own body weight with press ups for example or lifting weights a couple of times a week we can then help our bodies become much stronger.

This type of training also helps us as we get older as it helps us maintain good balance, flexibility and control in our movement. Muscles that are used regularly allow us to burn more calories and maintain a good physic with muscle tone. You will be burning a lot more calories even when you rest if you are doing regular resistance work outs. This is great for busy people that don’t have a lot of time to work out. You will also find that you have more stamina than your friends if you are sticking to your training routine every week.

There are so many health benefits including strengthening your bones and avoid many illnesses that are caused by neglecting your body

It doesn’t have to take long 20 to 30mins twice a week to start with and you can even multi task by holding your own body weight when your reading or watching tv.

Try to make it fun and challenge yourself to the things you would like to be able to do. Obviously the more you do the more quickly you will see results but always build up the amount of force and the sets you are doing gradually. Give your muscles time to grow and build stronger. Make sure you have rest days in between training certain muscles groups. Some people like to do exercises that work on more muscles all in one go (compound exercises) to save time such as dumbbell squats, press ups, plank with dumbbells deadlifts, dumbbell lunges and the bench press that you can do on the floor you don’t even need a bench.

Start with 3 sets of 12 repetitions and choose weights that will fatigue your muscles with in 90 seconds. You will need to experiment and see what you can do but you need to start gradually if you have not done any type of training before you need to remember it will take your body time to adjust and you don’t want to put too much force on your muscles too quickly. You can even just use bottles of water if you don’t have any weights and you want to start with something very light.

It’s also a good idea to have a health check if you are starting to exercise for the first time. If your ready to start schedule it into your diary now and make sure you put an alert to remind you, we all have busy lives but we can all make sure we make time to take care of ourselves. Have fun and keep going habits become more enjoyable the more you do them, you will soon be looking forward to the time you have made to exercise and feel great enjoying more strength, stamina and agility.

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All the best, stay happy & healthy.

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