When I meet people for the first time and I mention that I do kickboxing I get a mixed bag of reactions. Some people are really shocked, they think it’s all about hurting people (a very narrow minded view they have judged it on films they have seen).

Most people look at me a slim blonde and have a chuckle to themselves (they don’t think I look like I could punch my way out of a paper bag). But then there are the majority, luckily I don’t have many negative reactions, that say wow that sounds so cool and fun.

So I Say, yes it is and it’s really made a massive difference to my life. 

There are not many types of exercise that keep you working on achieving many different skills for many years and keep you feeling so great and motivated to carry on. It’s so satisfying hitting pads and striking kick shields, there is something for everyone at every level. Kickboxing makes you want to be a better person you’re learning so many different skills and it is so much fun and you’re surrounded by positive people. 

It gives you more belief in yourself than anything I have done before, if you can see something is possible but you can’t do it yet, you work consistently with support and help breaking it down in to small steps until you can achieve it. What an amazingly feeling doing things you never thought were possible and I love the shocked looks of peoples faces when they see what our students can do.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn a Martial Art…

1. Help combat stress.

2. Look and feel better.

3. Be more energetic.

4. Become more productive.

5. Get confident in your own abilities.

Of course, there are many more, an exercise in itself releases endorphins in your brain and makes you feel good but there is something different about kickboxing. It’s time out of your normal hectic life that is very focused and a lot of fun. You leave all your worries and troubles outside the door and it gives you the self-care time you need to regain positive feelings about yourself. The activities and drills are so varied every week so you never get a chance to get bored.

We have people of all ages and abilities training with us and have stuck with us for years. This means we have such amazing relationships with people in the community and we are all there for each other.

Our adults Kickboxing classes aren’t just about health and fitness though, we will teach you this exciting sport in detail from the ground up, something you just won’t get with ‘kickboxercise’ or ‘combat aerobic’ style classes. We also teach you realistic self-defence, hopefully, you’ll never need it but one day it may just help you protect yourself or your loved ones.

Whatever your reasons for attending are, we ensure that each week you will face new and exciting challenges in a fun and relaxed environment. You may be reading this and thinking to yourself “I’ve heard it all before” but what if this time it was different and this was exactly what you were looking for?

You’ll never know until you try so rather than take our word for it, come along and have a go!

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