Some people think you need a lot of space and equipment to work out. When I started kickboxing I did go to a club and yes they had a large hall but you can still learn a lot at home in your living room if your just doing it for fitness, weight loss and to feel good.

I also used to travel and stay in hotels with my job and instead of going to a gym most weeks I would create my own work outs I could do in my hotel room. I would push the bed as far as I could the side of the room creating just enough space to do a spinning kick. I had no pads no skipping rope, no partner to spa with but I had a great workout and got very sweaty.

Yes you have to be a little more creative but as long as you are raising your heart rate, causing resistance to your muscles and working hard in short blasts of Activity having fun you are sure of a great training session that will help your body stay strong, fit and toned. If your not confident enough or don’t have time to go to a club and would like me to show you how to do this at home send me a message to find out more about the 28 day inner ninja challenge.

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